State of the Industry

BC’s Craft Brewery scene continues to grow. Is there still room? We believe so and are giving our all to get up and running in early 2019.

Vancouver is the epicentre of the craft brewery scene in BC. Destination BC believes in the industry so much that they’ve even created what is called the BC Ale Trail system. This system has a number of core ‘ale trails’ where you can get a good brewery crawl on by foot, bike or tour group.

The Brewer’s Row trail in Port Moody is currently home to 4 breweries, with a 5th slated to open in 2019.  Add to that Mariner Brewing, just a quick 5 minute drive away, and the craving for craft beer by the thirsty people of the burbs is being quenched.

The Vancouver trail is huge and could easily be split into 2 or 3 trails. The East Vancouver area – affectionately known as #yeastvan – is where the Container Brewing team will be setting up our shop. While that section of the trail has as many as 15 breweries currently operating, there seems to be a healthy appetite for more. Hit up any of the breweries on any night and you’ll find a packed tasking lounge, and people leaving with growlers full.

The most recent BCLDB Liquor Market Review indicates that the total beer market is up +2.5% Q4/Q4, with BC Micro Brew (where Container Brewing will reside) being up some +20% Y/Y. Today BC Micro Brew accounts for only 20% of beer sales in the province. That number is closer to 65% for Oregon’s craft industry in their state! So there is no doubt, there’s room to grow here.

BC breweries know what they’re doing: in fact, we’re world renowned as nine BC breweries won medals at the World Beer Cup that took place earlier this month! There’s a footnote near the end of the video found by clicking here that speaks to the investment thesis of Container Brewing, that there’s room to grow.

If you’d like to learn more about investment opportunities in Container Brewing simply head (click) here to let us know.