Container will provide you great beer, anywhere, every time…because you’ve earned it.

Our customer is the everyday person who wants a great tasting craft beer that they can enjoy on their adventures. Our goal will be to create delicious beers that will leave you always wanting another one, whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast or a casual beer drinker. Container is not a gimmick filled brewery chasing fleeting trends.

While the founders will not be the brewmasters, they do know a thing or two about making beer having brewed award winning beers entered into home brewing competitions across the lower mainland.

Container’s brewmaster, Tim Juul, comes from the future having brewed at Fort Hill Brewery in Massachusetts. Arguably the US is at least a decade ahead of Canada in terms of process and style.

Tim understands the equipment for at-scale brewing and was integral in commissioning the system chosen. The founders will provide direction to keep the beers on brand and to their target market.

At this point in time Container has 12 beers registered with the LCRB in a broad range of styles. All of our beers will be made with beer ingredients and made to style… with a west coast spin of dry hopping and local ingredients. Think: not a beer that you’d only be able to have one of. That’s kind of our brand.

We’ve now served beer at two events: Hop Circuit and Squamish Beer Festival.  We served our NEIPA and ESB at both (Hop Circuit was by donation!) and the response was amazing.

Additionally, having financial support and knowledge input from the founders of an established local craft brewery will help to ensure no time or money is wasted.